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‘Chhattisgarh Me Bapu Ke Padchinha’

More than 17 thousand views in just 12 hours,

Raipur, 26 September 2019

Video created as a tribute on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi with title “Chhattisgarh me Bapur Ke Padchinha” has gone viral on social media. Within just 12 hours, more than 17 thousand people have seen the video on official facebook page of CMO Chhattisgarh and the number of views is continuously increasing. Rare photographs of Gandhi Ji have been shown, voice and film editing has been done in a commendable manner. This video is worth watching to explore Gandhi Ji’s connection with Chhattisgarh.


छत्तीसगढ़ में बापू के पदचिन्ह

Posted by CMO Chhattisgarh on Wednesday, September 25, 2019


This video has been created by Public Relations Department in association with a local filmmaker. It is based on Gandhi Ji’s tours to Chhattisgarh and his ideals-teachings. This video captures the moment when Gandhi Ji visited Kandel area of Dhamtari district and demonstrated Kandel Nahar Satyagrah as a protest against irrigation tax imposed by British rulers. Success of this movement inspired Gandhi Ji to launch Non-Violence Movement. Bapu’s ‘charkha’ preserved in Durg, interaction with children of Mohandas Bakliwal School of Durg, Khadi Mela of Durg, Satnami Ashram of Ganjdabri, where Gandhi ji addressed public gathering, his interaction with sanitation workers of Maudhapara and students of Rajkumar College, visits to Rajim, Dhamtari and Bilaspur, Kushth Ashram in Baitalpur, Bapu’s ideals, truthfulness and message of communal harmony has been interestingly compiled in this video that is going tremendously viral.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said, “commemoration and paying of tribute to Father of Nation doesn’t end here, rather it begins from this juncture. Under Mukhyamantri Suposhan Yojana and PDS, we are determined to ensure that no person had to go to sleep without food nor they are deprived of nutrition. We have announced decisive battle against malnutrition. As per Gandhi Ji’s vision, healthcare of all the citizens is our priority. Through Chief Minister Haat-Bazar Clinic Scheme, Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme we would reach to even the last person. We have made the compassion our mantra, as taught by Gandhi ji.”

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